Why Veterans Should Consider an Accounting Career: Transferrable Skills You Possess

For veterans, reentering civilian life is challenging. The specialized skills required by the military often seem contrary to those expected by the civilian workforce.

However, veterans have many transferable skills that qualify them for civilian sector work. If you are a veteran or an active-duty service member exploring post-discharge options, why don’t you consider an accounting career?

Your leadership, organization, and communication skills are just some of the pivotal skills you’d employ. In fact, there are quite a few strengths that you, as a veteran, bring to the table.

Skills That Suit Veterans for Accounting and Finance Job

You are a problem-solver

Some consider accounting a “numbers-only” profession. However, it is far more than columns of figures. It often poses puzzles to be solved. Veterans possess the necessary problem-solving skills because they have been trained to troubleshoot! Learning how to respond to stressful or complex situations in the service prepares veterans to coordinate accounting solutions creatively and calmly.

You appreciate personal development

Accounting is a broad field with various available job titles that don’t necessarily require certifications or degrees. However, you’ll need further education if you want to advance your accounting career by obtaining your CPA license. And getting certified takes time, effort, and personal commitment. As a veteran, you also have an advantage here since you understand the need for dedication. In the military, you had to work your way up through the ranks. You know what it takes to get there and the responsibility it entails. Your work ethic and drive for personal development help you see a task through to the end — even when the going gets tough.

You understand the value of structure

The military is well known for structure, routine, and discipline. These qualities are excellent preparation for a career in accounting and finance. The exacting rules and standards within accounting are there for a reason: they safeguard accountants and their clients from charges of fraud and mismanagement. From experience, veterans can properly appreciate the benefits of such a well-maintained system.

You possess a global mindset

Regardless of where you have served, you have worked with diverse people in a variety of situations. Your experience expands your horizons so you can hone in on appropriate strategies for each client. Your experience also gives you greater insight into people’s habits and needs. It takes all kinds to make a world, and veterans have fantastic, first-hand knowledge of their varied personalities. 

You are a Team Player

Nothing teaches collaboration and teamwork quite like the military. And in accounting, teamwork is essential to providing effective client solutions. You must join forces with multiple professionals to meet various clients’ needs. Sometimes, just working with your clients requires serious collaboration!

These are just some of the transferrable skills veterans bring when they join an accounting and finance team. If you are a veteran looking for the next step in your career, the Robert Joseph Group is your solution. With our industry experience and high standards of professionalism and communication, we provide top-tier solutions for candidates and clients alike. Contact us today.