Three Reasons to Use our Outsourced Accounting Professional Staffing Services

Acquiring, training, and retaining accounting professionals is a massive pain point for accounting firms around the globe. According to Karbon magazine’s 2017 talent survey, key issues accounting firms encounter include:

  • Talent management is potentially more problematic in accounting than in other professions.
  • Lack of confidence that current recruiting strategies are reaching and attracting the best applicants.
  • Higher education is failing at properly developing future accountants.
  • There is agreement that new skills are needed, but confusion over what skills.

It comes as no surprise, then, that outsourced accounting professional staffing services have become a smart way to find temporary or permanent accountant candidates for your company.

Why Use Outsourced Accounting Professional Staffing Services?

With the insights of the survey in mind, here are three key reasons why outsourcing your accounting professional recruitment is best done by our specialist staffing services:

1. Investment

Not only does sourcing staff require a large amount of time to advertise the post, screen applications, and interview candidates, but that time has a financial cost too.

Either you need to employ an entire Human Resources department at great expense, or someone in your firm takes on the responsibility – costing them valuable time on their actual work.

Consultants in our specialized staffing agency are industry specific experts with familiarity of practically every aspect of accounting and finance. Their deep industry knowledge means they thoroughly comprehend your organizational needs.

2. Risk

As a partner, owner, or manager of an accounting firm, you are an expert in your field. You may not, however, be an expert in spotting and hiring talent. Recruiting agencies have specialized knowledge and exhaustive interview and pre-screening processes that result in more informed hiring decisions.

3. Return

Additionally, we have curated a wealth of contacts that are of the highest caliber. We target only the upper echelon of talent and connect them with your organization.

If you are looking for a boutique placement firm that provides the most cost-effective alternative to local, regional, or national firms for project and temporary accounting and finance needs, contact The Robert Joseph Group without delay.