Temporary and Permanent Accounting Services Staffing – Washington DC

When you are in need of flexible, on-demand staffing to help manage your projects or even employee absences, you want a seamless integration of that new team member that can only be achieved by placing the right candidate.

Recruiting Challenges

Karbon magazine’s 2017 talent survey identified that “finding and acquiring great talent is presenting more of a struggle for accounting firms than any other aspect of managing talent.” They went on to explain that many employers experience challenges related to recruiting. And even more concerning is that many are not confident that their current recruiting strategy is reaching and attracting the very best applicants. So are you succeeding at recruitment of permanent and temporary accounting personnel? Is it time to engage the services of a staffing service?

Why Engage a Staffing Specialist?

Here are five reasons why it is preferable to use a staffing specialist:

1. Agencies have a bigger reach

Recruiting specialists not only have access to active job seekers, but also people who are currently employed.

2. Sector expertise

Using a staffing agency which specializes in your field means that you can be confident that they understand exactly what is needed in that new appointment.

3. Time saving

Recruitment and placement are time consuming processes. Human resources personnel can work more efficiently without having to deal with the first few stages of the process. Leave those to the agency and then step in to make final choices.

4. Unforeseen admin

Employers often forget to factor in tasks like background checks and sifting through tons of unqualified applications. This is the service that an agency will include.

5. Cost to company

Although companies sometimes balk at the cost of a placement, placement is a time-consuming and labor-intensive task. When you break it down, there are actually cost savings for using a staffing specialist.

Whatever your staffing needs, Robert Joseph Group has candidates who can meet and exceed them. We have experienced professionals who are available to start on your project immediately. Contact Robert Joseph Group to help you with the acquisition of excellent accounting resources.