Strategies for Attracting Accounting and Finance Talent 

Attracting top performers is a challenge in any industry. The world of accounting and finance is no exception. And while employee retention is undoubtedly a critical discussion, bringing in the right candidate is the first step.

Attracting talent plays out differently among the sweep of industries in America. In fact, even among accounting and finance firms, we find varying methods of successfully attracting candidates.

However, regardless of your style, these comprehensive strategies will give it a boost!

Attracting Top Level Talent comes down to your brand, which ultimately draws people, both employees, and clients, to your firm.

Know Who You Are

So, who are you? Is your firm the one you would choose if you were in their shoes? There’s no doubt that today’s job seeker cares more about the brand authenticity of their workplace than ever before. They want to make sure their values align with their employers.’ So, to attract a specific type of candidate, make sure you genuinely represent what they’re seeking. 

Engage Them From the Start

From the moment the candidate sees the job description to the moment you formally offer them a job, your brand should saturate their entire experience. Through media, printed materials, and every moment of interaction, use each checkpoint to share your voice and showcase who your company is.

Employee Value Proposition

Why should they commit their time and talent to you? What can you give them in return? How are you different from other firms and finance teams? These are details of what job seekers need to know and what you need to communicate to them. The employee value proposition (EVP) is your end of the deal. It’s your promise to them. It’s the total of the rewards and benefits they will receive in working for you. Today’s accountants are looking for more than comfortable compensation packages and benefits!

Put Your Employees in the Spotlight

Your employees are your best brand ambassadors. Ask them to share their story with your company on their social media and the company’s. Candidates watch for this –it adds to the appeal of your firm. Invite them to be involved in the interview process. A personal connection with an employee might be the igniting spark a candidate needs to join your team.

Engage Online

In today’s world, it is imperative to be involved online. Present your brand online and especially on social media. Up and coming candidates, Millennials and Gen Z’s, are looking for a softer, human side in the workforce. Many of them interact in this digital world almost 24/7 and use it as means of research.  

The Robert Joseph Group takes pride in attracting top-tier candidates. Professional expertise, integrity, and transparency are our guidelines. Contact us today and connect with the top-level accounting and finance talent you need.