Pros and Cons of Temporary Hiring

Have you ever considered temporary hiring for your business? As reported by the American Staffing Association, approximately “17 million Americans currently work as temporary workers, contract workers, consultants, freelancers, seasonal workers, and interns”. That is a phenomenal upward trend since 1946, when businessperson William Russell Kelly launched the first temporary staffing agency.

Pros of Temporary Hiring

1. Availability

If you urgently need to fill a vacancy but do not have time to recruit, read through resumes, and conduct interviews, then a temp agency is the solution for you as they have already put in the time to find and vet candidates.

2. Cost effectiveness

Hiring temporary workers reduces your overall staffing costs because you are not required to pay for overtime, healthcare, and other benefit expenses. Additionally, you save on the cost of training as a specialized interim staffing agency will provide targeted recruits leveraged by professionals with deep industry knowledge and contacts.

3. Flexibility

As your needs change, during tax season for example, so the ideal size of your staff fluctuates. Temporary workers help take unnecessary pressure off your regular employees without the commitment of keeping them on when the rush period ends.

Cons of Temporary Hiring

1. Loyalty

Theoretically, the longer a member of staff is with your company, the more their value grows – loyal, efficient, potential for growth. As an employee becomes more and more familiar with the way your company does business, your products, services, processes, and client base, the more likely they are to be positive spokespeople and representatives of your establishment.

2. Connectivity

Most humans are change-averse, and often jump to the worst-case scenario conclusions. Be aware that hiring temporary staffers in place of full-time employees can reduce workplace morale.

Furthermore, a turnover of temp workers makes it tough for your team to develop the connection needed for productive collaboration.

3. Reputation

A stream of new faces can negatively impact the perception of your company, if not the actual customer service. Clients expect consistent and reliable service. Because this is often established through relationships with customers, long-term employees are often a better option.

At Robert Joseph Group – Finance and Accounting Professional Resources Firm – we believe that candidates should have the best opportunity to succeed and clients should be in the best position to flourish.

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