Potential Interview Questions for an Accounting Position 

When interviewing for an accounting and finance position, it’s wise to come prepared with an idea of what you might be asked and how you will answer. The industry requires a high degree of technical and soft skills –recruiters look for both during the interview. 

Here are questions you might be asked in your upcoming interview and tips on how you should answer them. 

Tell me about your background. 

Be brief and to the point — summarize your career and the high points you’ve attained thus far. Create an engaging and informative “elevator pitch” highlighting who you are and why you chose this career. Remember, relevancy is key — so tie your story into the potential position. 

What accounting software are you most familiar with?  

The recruiter is looking for your level of experience with current accounting tools –particularly the ones their company uses. Highlight your familiarity with the tools mentioned in the job description, demonstrating your day-to-day acumen and skillsets. Also, share your willingness to learn and collaborate on unfamiliar software and tools.   

What is your background within various industries? 

The recruiter wants to know how your practical experience aligns with the size and vision of their company. Every industry (and individual) has different financial needs and goals, making accounting a vast field. When answering, consider the potential role and showcase the experiences that best fit. 

How do you minimize risk error and maintain accuracy? 

Human error happens. Computer software develops glitches. However, when it comes to accounting and finance, accuracy is critical. It’s essential to have a game plan in place to protect you, the company, and your clients. The recruiter is looking for a comprehensive strategy for implementing this protection. Be ready to share a situation of when and how you responded to an error or prevented one from occurring. 

How would you explain financial information to non-financial team members? 

Since not everyone is familiar with accounting terms, the ability to respectfully communicate technical jargon to someone in a different field is a valuable skill.  Therefore, this is an excellent question to answer with a personal example.

How do you handle challenging conversations? 

Money can be a sensitive subject, often stirring up strong emotional responses — which turn into conflict quickly. The recruiter wants to know how you manage conflict resolution while communicating sensitive information. Come prepared with an example from your career, sharing the result of the conversation. 

How will you add value to the company? 

As part of an accounting and finance company — whether a public firm or finance department of a private company — you are part of a team. So think about your interpersonal skills and how you bring benefit to the team apart from your client base. 

The interviewer may also ask about –

  • Budgeting methods 
  • Accounting terms
  • Tax laws 
  • Protecting clients from fraud
  • Certifications and Credentials  
  • Time Management skills and methods
  • Long-term goals  
  • What attracted you to their company 

Communicating each of your answers with clarity and confidence is as important as the answers themselves! 

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