New Job or New Career?

Perhaps our previous blog, To Quit – Or Not to Quit – That is the Question, spurred you to take action and make some changes in your employment. That’s great, and it leads to the next question, “Do you want a new job within your industry, or is it time for a career change?”


It’s time for some serious self-evaluation. For example, if you had the opportunity to walk off the job tomorrow, would you jump at the chance and why? Does it have to do with your career itself or the company culture? Separating your ‘job’ (daily responsibilities) from the environment in which you carry them out is crucial.

Let’s talk about the work you do.

  • Does the work itself bring you satisfaction?
  • Does it sync with your natural and learned skills and bents?
  • Does the thought of performing those actions in an ideal environment excite you?

Let’s talk about the culture where you work.

  • Does management communicate clearly and consistently?
  • Do they recognize, acknowledge, and appreciate staff?
  • Do you have smooth relationships with coworkers?

Obviously, if you answered all or most of the above questions in the affirmative, you’re a happy camper, but we suspect you wouldn’t be reading this if that were the case.

On the other hand, yes to the work questions accompanied by no to the culture ones probably suggest that what you need is a new job. Same industry, but with a company that knows the value of their staff and operates under the philosophy of peer-to-peer respect. A culture where innovation is encouraged and authority matches responsibility.

Flip that over to a resounding no to the work questions despite a yes to the cultural ones suggests a new career might be in order. Likewise, no on everything indicates it’s time for a major change.

Bear in mind that changing jobs within an industry is relatively easy and often includes higher pay and better benefits. It might also mean a better location that requires less commute. But, of course, if the change involves moving your household, that can add challenges.

Changing careers, however, often include reskilling or upskilling. It may even involve earning a new certification or additional formal education. It can also mean starting over at a lower-level position. It can be challenging, daunting, and take a substantial amount of courage, but many have successfully accomplished it.

Moving Forward

Whether you’re changing jobs within your industry or embarking on a new career, it’s essential to establish what you want in your work.

  • What do you enjoy doing the most?
  • Do you prefer to work alone or thrive on being part of a team?
  • What are your top skills? Your strengths? 
  • How can these skills be utilized more or even redirected?
  • What are your skill gaps? What steps will you have to take to eliminate them?
  • What do you like the most in your current role, and how would that translate if you switch careers?
  • What are your core life values? How does your current position support those values?

The greater your understanding of who you are and what you want in a career, the greater your chance at finding success and satisfaction.

Taking Action

Using the knowledge you gained from your self-assessment, create a plan.

  • Include your goals, such as attending a webinar, earning a certification, or even evaluating returning to higher education.
  • Update your resume. If you are changing careers, change the way you present your current skills. Add in new skills, certifications, etc. as you earn them
  • Expand your network
  • Build your personal brand

Allow yourself adequate time to accomplish your plan. The point is to move forward steadily, making positive changes for your future. Trying to push a year into a couple of months will only increase your current stress and dissatisfaction.

Change is an inevitable part of work. The Robert Joseph Group recognizes the challenges that come with finding your niche. We specialize in matching talent with positions and companies. We have the expertise, tools, and industry knowledge to help you find that perfect match. Contact us today.