Growing Your Accounting Career 

Accounting and finance services will always be services in demand. It is a growing field, and the doors are opening for your career growth.

However, career growth isn’t as simple as a promotion suddenly becoming available. You carry a significant responsibility in charting your path forward and preparing yourself for each next step that comes your way.

Career growth takes some strategic and intentional planning!

Define Your Goals

What is important to you? What inspires you to push past the daily grind and do the hard things? Ultimately, where do you want to be in your career? Ask yourself these questions to help you define your goals.

Defining those goals helps you chart a map to success. It clarifies the opportunities you should jump on –and the ones you should let pass. Prioritize your time and resources and choose only the things that help you accomplish your goals.

Seek Mentorship

You can’t do it alone. It’s challenging, sometimes humbling, to ask for help. However, all successful people know the benefit of inviting the advice of someone more experienced. Seek the counsel of a trusted and respected professional who shared a similar career journey. Ask them to act as a mentor to you. They can provide you with:

  • Helpful pointers
    • Constructive criticism
    • Realistic expectations
    • Real-life scenarios (to keep you from making the same mistakes!)
    • Motivation
    • Accountability

Know Your Options

Your next best thing may be right in front of you. Stay informed about the job listings within your current firm. Because it is highly effective, many employers prefer to promote current staff rather than hire new ones. If you’re eyeing a step-up within the firm, don’t assume your employer knows you’re available. Communicate your desires. Let them know you are interested in the position and why you think you’re qualified.

It is also your responsibility to watch for job listings outside your firm. Consider reaching out to a staffing agency to guide and match you towards your next career step if you want assistance.

Level Up Your Skills  

Honing your skills is an excellent way to prepare yourself for career growth. It might mean challenging yourself with new and different projects at work or investing in continued education. Show yourself and your employer that you are willing and ready to tackle whatever position comes your way!

Network Like a Boss

It is not about what you know but who you know. According to a report by LinkedIn, 80% of professionals believe professional networking is invaluable to your growing and successful career. Refer to your local chamber of commerce to learn about mixers and gatherings with other professionals. It comes down to knowing how to market yourself as valuable and qualified!

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