Advancing Your Accounting and Finance Career

The good news about an accounting and finance career is that it will always be in demand. Job security is unrivaled.

The bad news is that falling into an accounting and finance rut is as easy as in any other career. Job security sometimes lures professionals into nonchalance and a fixed mindset, thus halting your career growth in ways you may not even realize.

Degrees, certifications, and a healthy book of clients aside, leveling up your accounting and finance career is a daily decision that reaps benefits in the long run. Consider the following ways to “level up” and advance your accounting career.

Develop a Growth Mindset

A growth mindset is pivotal. Develop a mentality oriented towards learning and new possibilities. Being willing to take some risks as you advance your career. Seek feedback. Choose to see failure as a chance to grow. Set new goals. Watch and learn from the success of others.

Stay on Top of New Technologies

Staying relevant in this area is incredibly important. Not only must accountants and financial professionals be masters of the burgeoning programs within the industry, but they must embrace and become comfortable with automation and artificial intelligence. AI affects every industry in some way; it is here to stay.

Review Accounting Basics

Returning to the basics and reviewing the foundations never hurts, as mistakes are far more likely to occur when you remain comfortably “rutted.” These are the accounting principles, industry regulations, terminologies, and skills you learned when beginning your career. This simple step can help you sharpen your tools as you continue helping your clientele. After all, they are counting on you to be the expert!

Refine Your Soft Skills

While technical and hard skills are essential in accounting, so are soft skills. Relationships are still paramount. To advance your accounting career, you must constantly refine your soft skills. Some critical soft skills include:

  • Communication: Even numbers have stories, and you must become their storyteller. Communicating clearly to clients and businesses in ways they understand and can act upon is necessary.
  • Critical thinking: Understanding the balance sheets, reports, and forecasts is insufficient. You must be able to solve the problems you see, create plans, and offer solutions that generate results.
  • Leadership: At its core, leadership is about influence, and influence is about people. To grow in your accounting career, develop influence by building relationships based on trust, competence, and empathy.

Find a Mentor

Mentors provide insight, encouragement, and accountability. Draw from their experiences, perhaps sparing yourself the trouble of making some of the same mistakes. Mentors also draw you into their circles, expanding your network and opening doors for new opportunities. Choose mentors who are reputable and who have advanced their careers with both integrity and savvy.

Open the Door to New Opportunities

Doing the above will prepare you for career advancement. However, taking the next step means being open when the time comes. It might look different from what you envisioned. Be open to considering different possibilities, even completely different job descriptions — there are countless career avenues within accounting and finance.

Finding new opportunities to match your levels of expertise and knowledge can be challenging. At the Robert Joseph Group, we combine our years of experience to help top-tier candidates like yourself find the top-tier job opportunities they seek. Contact us today to begin your next steps.