Tips for Speeding up Your Recruitment Process

A seamless recruitment and hiring process will ensure you have the right people on your team. In addition, maximizing efficiency streamlines the process and filters candidates so you can ultimately choose the best fit.

Here are some ways to optimize your recruitment process.

Write Clear, Compelling Job Descriptions.

An intriguing and understandable job description is the cornerstone of successful recruitment. It will attract the right people, or it won’t. Since the candidate must understand what the role entails, it is essential to do the following –

  • Convey a feel for your company culture.
  • Be clear and concise.
  • Be specific about the responsibilities and requirements.
  • Share what you can do for them.

Expand Your Reach.

Expanding your reach ensures a more diverse and competent candidate pool. Some ways to increase your exposure include attending job fairs, partnering with academic and business organizations, and establishing an employee referral system. However, social media is one of the best ways to expand your reach. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter are all good options. In fact, 94% of recruiters use LinkedIn to get the word out about open positions. This strategy also proves ideal for targeting a younger audience. Keep in mind that today’s workforce comprises mainly Millennials and Generation Z.

Make It Easy To Apply.

Create an application process with the candidate in mind. Studies show strong commonality in what prospective employees want –

  • An easy, mobile-friendly application process (43%).
  • A clearly communicated timeline (82%).

On the other hand,

  • An application process that takes more than 10 minutes has a 20% abandon rate.
  • If applicants don’t hear from you in two weeks, 55% will “give up the ship.”
  • Among applicants, 68% believe their application experience reflects how you treat your employees.

Automate as Much as Possible.

Your time is valuable. Optimize it and simplify your life by taking advantage of ever-developing technologies and automated recruitment tools. For example, many firms use applicant tracking systems to pre-sort and filter applications into a strong candidate line-up. Recruiting software like BambooHR, Workable, and BreezyHR is also helpful.

Build a Strong Brand.

But the best way to enhance your hiring process is to constantly cultivate your firm’s strong brand and culture. Such growth doesn’t happen overnight, so long-term vision is necessary. Treat your employees well and encourage personal improvement. Offer superior customer service. Stay on top of social media trends and marketing strategies. Build a firm the right people want to work for.

Enhance the Interview Time.

You can’t rush past this step. Yet, you can optimize it while still spotlighting the candidate experience. Include time for applicants to ask questions, making it a conversation rather than an interrogation. Consider having more than one interviewer at the table. Doing so removes the burden from the lone interviewer. After all, a group can better discern character traits and skills that set certain candidates apart.

Partner with a Staffing Agency.

Working with a staffing agency like the Robert Joseph Group is another way to ensure a simple, seamless recruitment process. Are you looking to hire? Call today!