6 Great benefits of using an outsourced firm for interim accounting and finance resources

If you need to bolster your accounting resources, it is definitely worth considering the services of a staffing agency that can provide you with the trained personnel you need to handle your financial workload. Robert Joseph Group is an agile corporate staffing firm that will find great temporary/permanent accountants candidates for your company. Here are six other benefits we bring to the table: 


One of the main drawbacks of sourcing staff is the amount of time it takes to advertise the post, screen applications, and interview candidates. An accounting resources firm takes these tasks off your shoulders, allowing you to get skilled staff into your finance department in the shortest possible time.

Get access to more, better candidates

Staffing agencies build up large databases of skilled professionals, whom they can reach at short notice to fill the positions you require. There is always a deep and wide pool of talent to choose from, ensuring that you get only the best in the business, without having to sort through scores of possible candidates.

Recruitment Knowledge

Recruiting agencies have the specialized knowledge needed to make informed hiring decisions at a moment’s notice, saving you from having to agonize over your shortlist, and stand the risk of making the wrong choice.

Market knowledge

Specialized staffing agencies have a complete understanding of their area of the labor market. They know what the going rates are and what an employer should get for those rates. They are up to date with all the trends and know what you should expect from your staff. Armed with these, they can help you get the best talent at rates that make sense for you.

Employer Branding

Your recruitment agency will always represent your company professionally throughout the recruitment process, ensuring that candidates understand your brand and your culture. If candidates are considering other options, the agency will put your best foot forward and explain why your post is the better choice.

Less risk

A good agency will reduce your risk of hiring new talent. There are always risks involved with the process: the candidate may not be the right fit or may leave without notice. If such things should happen, an agency can offer a replacement at short notice or offer a rebate on the fee you have paid them – depending on the terms of your contract with them.

Enjoy all of these benefits as you recruit accounting professionals for your company. Contact Robert Joseph Group to help you with the acquisition of excellent accounting resources.