5 Ways a Business Mentor Benefits You

We all need a little help from someone older and wiser sometimes. In the business world, this help may come through mentoring. 

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a mentor is a “trusted counselor and guide.” Companies recognize the value of reliable and relationship-oriented mentorship programs on career development and company growth. Typically, mentors are experts in their field, giving them credibility. If your workplace does not offer a mentorship program, consider reaching out to someone in your circle and asking them to mentor you in your career growth.

Regardless of where you are in your career, a mentor’s insight, encouragement, and guidance are invaluable.

Real-Life Insight

The path to a successful career may have its twists and turns. It may also have ups and downs, forks in the road, and complete detours. Wise professionals understand they don’t have all the answers. A business mentor sees a little farther down the road and can give you priceless insight from their experience. They can be a sounding board and a guide along the way, as well as a catalyst for your growth!


As an expert in his field and a seasoned professional, a mentor has acquired a broader perspective—not just of their industry but of life as a whole. And he brings that broader perspective to bear on helping you succeed. Plus, mentors do not dole out performance reviews. Instead, they lend a listening ear, inspire you to do bigger things, and help you pick up the pieces if you take a “wrong turn.”

Sense of Belonging and Connection

In our highly automated, technology-driven world, mentors offer connection and community. They provide a sense of belonging because they have been in your shoes.


Because mentors seek genuine relationships, they become your accountability partners. Having someone hold you accountable to yourself and your goals promotes career development. We all need to help us stay the course. By providing accountability, mentors propel even the most self-driven professionals forward in their careers.

Wider Social Network

If a mentor has been in the workforce for a long time, they have many connections at their fingertips. This social network is something they have spent years developing. Nurturing a relationship with a mentor gives you access to their corporate circle. This alone is a phenomenal career propellant.

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